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21 enero, 2010 / Sra. Gafapasta

Designers for Haití

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Graphic designers, just like people in any other profession have been surprised and horrified by the earthquake, which has caused a cathastrophy in Haiti. Over the last few days we have witnessed scenes and images which we could never have imagined and this has spurred our colleagues to take action, to do something. We obviously can’t solve the problem on our own but we can help and as the saying goes, it’s brick by brick.

So for the last few days, we have been thinking of a way to help which could and should moblise the graphic design profession to act because we don’t often come together as one group for a cause. As designers, we like to improve the world around us if possible, and for that reason we can’t sit back with our arms folded, expecting others to solve the problem.

We’ve come up with a logo (could it be anything else?) which we hope will help publicise the initiative and at the same time act as a reference for anybody connected with the world of graphic design who wishes to make a contribution. In the next few days, we will informing you about the different ideas and activities we are organising to collect money for the victims in Haiti. Some examples of initiatives would be donations, auctions, the sale of fair trade products etc (if you have any ideas, they would be more than welcome).

The very initiative is very straightforward, please donate what you can. One cent or 1,000 euros, whatever you can afford, it’s that simple. As soon as you’ve done that, please download the files you will find in this article and put them in your web, blog, social network etc, so we can spread the word as much as possible. We want every single designer to contribute, it maybe wishful thinking but who knows?

We would invite everyone who makes a contribution to leave a comment so we can get to know everybody who participates in this initiative. We will also keep you updated on the sum of collected money as it grows.

But we have to act now! We think this initiative and others (which we are preparing) must be set in motion without delay and the closing date will be next week so we can send the help as soon as possible.

All the collected money will be given to the Red Cross (Hence the logo) which is one of the most prestigious humanitarian aid organizations and has also been one of the first to arrive in the disaster area.

Donate now! We’ve done our bit, what about you?




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